Are you feeling lonely, disconnected or stuck in a rut?

Are you having difficulty with your significant other?

Do you turn to drugs, alcohol or food to feel better?

Do you want to do things differently, but find yourself not knowing how?

We all know life brings its challenges, but you deserve to feel better… and you deserve to feel better right now.

Therapy can help you gain more control, feel happier, feel more connected in your relationships and in your life. I believe you deserve more joy in your life and I am dedicated to helping you achieve that!


Some of the problems I help people with include:

  • Wanting to improve communication with your partner and resolve old conflicts
  • Coming to terms with past traumas so they stop affecting you now
  • Letting go of dependence on drugs and alcohol or other unhealthy behaviors
  • Feeling more confident in yourself and more connected to a sense of who you are


I believe each person has unique challenges that require unique solutions. I approach this work with warmth, compassion and creativity. We all need help sometimes…a chance to take a break from our usual way of thinking and look at our difficulties in new ways. I hope we can explore this together.
To schedule your first session now, call 415-420-4464. I look forward to meeting you!

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“The suffering clients bring to therapy are doorways rather than problems. They are invitations to go within and find the resources needed to create new possibilities or to accept with peace, what cannot be transformed.”
– Bill Bowen, Founder, Psychophysical Therapy

Mena K. Zaminsky, PsyD, LMFT (#41265), CATC
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