You Deserve More Love in your Life!


Are you feeling alone in your relationship?  Sad, angry, hurt?

Do you feel like you have to do everything yourself?

Perhaps you feel like your partner is always criticizing you or you can’t do anything right?

Do your find yourself having the same arguments over and over again?

These feelings often lead to thoughts like “I’m stuck” or “I want to get out of this relationship, but I can’t.”  Perhaps instead you go to drinking, drugs or other behaviors, like affairs or withdrawing from your partner?

It doesn’t have to be that way between the two of you!  There’s help!  You chose each other and you deserve to feel more loving with each other. As a couple’s therapist, my job is to help you understand how you get stuck and help you get unstuck.

As a couple’s therapist, I can help you feel more connected to each other, so you reach for each other instead of away from each other.

You deserve more love in your life and you deserve that now!  Call 415-420-4464.

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